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How not to choose a business school
Business Case | Premchand Palety 9:58 PM | September 11, 2008
One business woos potential students with a huge number of advertisements that routinely take licence with the truth

India's B-schools: Growth in Quantity, Not Quality
The Wall Street Journal | Premchand Palety 1:04 AM | October 7, 2009
Quantitatively, it is an impressive growth story. However, the quality of education delivered in most of them is the disturbing aspect of this positive narrative.

Stimulating creativity in K-12 education | Premchand Palety | 8 Sep, 2015
How can schools enhance the thinking skills of students and make them more creative?

Indian universities’ research infirmity | Premchand Palety | 11 May, 2015
All universities have the potential to catalyse massive industrial and socio-economic change in their local environments.

Publication in Top Journals Sets Best Business Schools Apart
The Wall Street Journal | Premchand Palety 10:30 AM | May 20, 2010
The fee hike in the top three Indian Institutes of Management has become an annual ritual.

The crisis of governance in Indian B Schools
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:16 PM | May 04,2008
Governance is a serious issue of concern in our business schools. It is perhaps the reason why most of our schools are doing so badly in terms of delivery of quality education.

Classroom management skills are important for a teacher
Business Case | Premchand Palety 10:54 PM | April 26,2009
A teacher can induce interest for her subject and make students lifelong learners. Or she can make the learning process so boring and painful that the student develops contempt for learning

Good teaching qualities: inducing interest and positive expectations
Business Case | Premchand Palety 9:33 PM | May 10 2009
By contrast, if teachers give up on their students and adopt a negative attitude, the students will sense it and tune out

B-schools need to shape mindsets, not just be placement agencies
Business Case / Premchand Palety 12:34 AM | December 01,2008
Institutes must believe they can play a vital role in transforming society

We need to nurture entrepreneurs
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:31 AM | May 21,2007
Right from the primary school level, the pedagogy and the evaluation methodology don’t encourage entrepreneurial traits

Articles in Outlook Magazine

A Question of Timing ( Book Review )
Business Standard | Premchand Palety 00:25 PM | Feb 24, 2012
Indian School of Business’ time could have come only in the late nineties and that too in Hyderabad.

IIMs’ Fee Hike Does Not Match Salary Increases
The Wall Street Journal | Premchand Palety 11:11 AM | April 14, 2010
The fee hike in the top three Indian Institutes of Management has become an annual ritual.

AICTE fiat sets the clock back on B-schools
Business Today | Premchand Palety | February 11, 2011
The All India Council for Technical Education, or AICTE, issued a notification on December 27, 2010 that surely spoilt the New Year party of many B-school directors. The notice, which threatens to drastically curtail the autonomy of B-schools and open the floodgates of corruption, will only stymie the growth of quality institutions in the private sector.

B-school faculty needs international exposure
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:30 AM | June 22,2009
Cross-cultural awareness and networking has become important for business professionals who have to regularly interact with foreign nationals or explore international markets

Investing in faculty crucial for B-schools
Business Case | Premchand Palety 09:33 PM | June 07,2009
Most of the top B-schools, including the IIMs, have good supporting infrastructure and budget for faculty development. They also offer incentives to faculty members to author books and publish papers in refereed journals

A good library and librarian are crucial for faculty growth
Business Case | Premchand Palety 09:23 PM | May 24,2009
A librarian can play a proactive role & transform a library from being just a storehouse of books & journals into a dynamic information centre that facilitates the building of intellectual capital of the institute

B-schools in India must offer courses on public policy for political leaders
Business Case | Premchand Palety 9:49 PM | Dec 14, 2008
A good public policy programme should document the best practices of governance all over the world at various levels

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