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How AICTE stymied the expansion of SP Jain
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:03 AM | November 19, 2007
The institute is considered one of the top 10 B-schools in the country, and is known for innovations in pedagogy, curriculum and entrepreneurship development

B-schools need code of conduct
Premchand Palety 10:31 PM | February 22, 2009
The ethics code document should be prominently displayed in the campus and on the website of the institute

CAT score shouldn’t be a sacred threshold
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:45 PM | January 20, 2008
CAT is perhaps the toughest B-school entrance exam (quantitatively speaking) worldwide

India’s Best Colleges | Match your college with your aptitude
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:16 AM | June 12, 2008
Success is not just about getting a good job or making money, but, more importantly, about doing what one really wants to do.

B-schools should depend less on visiting faculty
Business Case | Premchand Palety 10:17 PM | June 22, 2008
The brand of some B-schools is in fact driven primarily by good placements

Rankings: Everything is not above board
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:05 PM | July 6, 2008
A good ranking always helps in drawing attention for a business school

Placements eclipse leadership role
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:30 AM | March 26, 2007
The average monthly take home for a fresher from top B-school is about Rs45,000-Rs50,000

Quotas will only hurt IIMs and IITs
Business Case | Premchand Palety 9:28 AM | April 23, 2007
In the debate over reservations, we sometimes overlook the fact that at some level at least there should be no compromise with excellence

Lesson from IIM-K: Set up new IIMs near industry
By Premchand Palety 09:11 AM | August 27,2007
The newly built airport is very impressive, much better and spacious than the one in Delhi

B-school ads: Half truths and white lies
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:48 AM | July 16, 2007
These days, the half-truth phenomenon is rampant in the media

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