Research & Consulting
Research to business solutions is more than just facts, figures and pretty charts. It is providing in depth and insight learning about consumer wants, needs and expectations in the perspective of the competitive environment. Only experienced researchers with the passion and dedication to explore, with new interest every time can provide such insights. It's the people who count. Every research organization has computers, plotters, statistical programmes and focus group rooms. But we have more than just that...

To us in C fore conceptualizing the clients problems and research needs are the most important. No pet methodologies, no fixed theories. There are scientific rules to guide and provide the heuristics but it is always the researchers who produce the useful, clear insights necessary for marketing actions. We have some tools to help us and we use them to sharpen our analysis, they no way replace thinking.

C fore distinguishes itself through its ability to conduct research aimed at highly specific groups as well as those, which tend to be difficult to reach… with our aim being to measure and understand their behavior and attitudes.

C fore applies both quantitative and qualitative techniques to its research.

Election Surveys and Opinion Polls
C fore has been conducting election surveys for past 18 years, the findings of which have been published in different magazines, newspapers and telecast by different news channels .The accuracy rate so far has been about 95 percent. Some major political parties have used services of C fore in devising their election strategy and distribution of tickets. C fore has conducted over 1000 opinion polls for various publications & TV Channels on a vast range of issues. Reputed News papers & magazines like Hindustan Times, Mint, The Wall Street Journal, Outlook, Open, Brunch, Indian Express, Financial Express, Hindustan Times, Kannada Prabha, The New Indian Express, Midday, Vijay Times have commissioned and published C fore surveys. TV Channels like NDTV, CNN - IBN, Star News, Doordarshan, TV9, Suvarna News, E TV, Lok Sabha TV, Asia Net have also telecast C fore polls.

C fore predictions have been 95% accurate.
Suvarna News - C fore Exit poll for Karnataka:
We conducted pre poll survey and exit poll for recent Karnataka elections. Our projections were most accurate in terms of vote share and seats projected for different parties.

Asianet News- C fore Election Survey 2011:
Kerala Assembly Elections:
C fore's prediction for Kerala assembly elections in 2011 were 100% accurate.

Asianet News- C fore Election Survey 2011:
West Bengal, Tamil Nadu & Assam Assembly Elections :
C fore's prediction for West Bengal was 98% accurate. In Tamil Nadu and Assam the C fore survey was right in predicting the winner.

Suvarna News- C fore Election Survey 2008:
Karnataka Assembly Elections :
C fore's prediction for Karnataka was 100% accurate. C fore predicted that BJP will get 104-114 seats and it actually got 110 seats

Doordarshan - C fore Exit Poll 2002:
An exit poll was conducted for the assembly elections in four states namely Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal & Manipur for Doordashan. The poll result was on the dot.

Rating & Ranking of Educational Institutions
For past 14 years C fore has been conducting nationwide surveys to rank educational institutions for publications like Outlook, Hindustan Times, Mint, Education World, The Wall Street Journal,Deccan Chronicle and The New Indian Express. K-12 Schools, B-schools, Engineering Colleges, Medical colleges, Law Colleges, Media and Mass communication schools,Hotel Management institutes, Fashion technology schools and Health care management institutes throughout India have been rated and ranked by C fore.