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B-schools need to shape mindsets, not just be placement agencies
Business Case / Premchand Palety 12:34 AM | December 01,2008
Institutes must believe they can play a vital role in transforming society

A B-school leveraging education and spirituality
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:17 PM | August 24, 2008
Historically, religion has played a dual role in expounding knowledge

Socioeconomic issues: B-schools must do more
Premchand Palety 11:51 PM | September 7,2008
By addressing socioeconomic and environmental concerns, it’s not as if the corporate world is doing charity; it is important for its own survival

B-schools fall short in teamwork, leadership
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:15 AM | September 22, 2008
The ability to work in a team has often been voted as the most desired competency

Govt should go for reforms in education
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:38 PM | October 5, 2008
As of now in India, only about 7% of our youth go for higher education. If this figure goes up by another 5%, we will face a severe shortage of institutes for higher learning

A second term for IIM-L director will be against the IIM culture
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:10 PM | November 02,2008
The controversial director wants a second term and is likely to get it

Rankings help generate healthy competition
Premchand Palety 11:51 PM | September 11,2008
This survey is an attempt to elevate the standard of management education by creating healthy competition among business schools

Business Quest: Scrap this regulator for business schools
Business Case | Premchand Palety 12:11 AM | Jun 18, 2007
The rules, coupled with the integrity and competence of the AICTE staff, have made this body an expensive joke on the higher education sector of this country

Harassment by AICTE: the saga continues
Business Case | Premchand Palety 7:54 PM | August 11, 2007
In an age when knowledge is getting fast outdated, it makes little sense to wait for a nod from a body which has no idea of the pace of change

Palepu and Rao should own up responsibility
Business Case | Premchand Palety 11:06 PM | December 28,2008
If even one of the ‘independent’ directors really cared about the interests of the majority of shareholders, the resolution to buy Maytas Properties and Maytas Infra wouldn’t have been passed in the manner it was

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